Brunch on the Farmlet

Even though we have a fridge full of mole (!!!!!) I had a strong craving this morning for egg salad. I think because we are celebrating our new egg vendor at the restaurant with an egg salad sandwich lunch special, and I know I’m not going to make it out in time to try it.

I was thrilled that there wasn’t any store-bought mayo in the house, so couldn’t be lazy and I had to make some.

I usually just drizzle in the oil until I’m satisfied but this morning Kazi reminded me the correct ratio is approximately 1 cup of oil for 1 egg yolk. I didn’t measure, but I thought about those words while I poured the oil, and I’m sure it was helpful.

I hard boiled 2 of our eggs. Picked some fresh tarragon. Mixed up the egg salad and put it on some toast. Enjoyed with an unsweetened shot of Velvet Hammer.

Eggs come from here:

Thanks, ladies!

This is a really delicious brunch.