Milkcrafting 102 this Saturday

We are super excited to be preparing the menu and cheese makes for this weekend’s Milkcrafting 102 class. This is the 2nd class in the 3-part series, and the class in which we teach anyone who wants to learn how to make our award-winning Mariposa Bijou mold-ripened goat cheese. Here’s the full text on the class. As of this morning, there was exactly 1 spot left. If you want it, go here. Its okay if you haven’t taken 101 yet.

The Institute of Domestic Technology: Milkcrafting 102

Mariposa Creamery, Altadena

Saturday, November 12, 2011, 9:30am – 2:00pm

9:30am                 Check in & continental breakfast

Snack                  Monkey & Son coffee served with fresh goat’s milk

                             Oatmeal scones served with chevre

                             Service will take place in the Solarium

9:45am                 Introductions

10:00am               Feta make using pasteurized goat milk from Summerhill Goat Dairy

Taste                  Fresh goat milk vs chevre vs mold ripened vs feta

                            (a lesson in flavor development)

11:00am               Mozzarella make using Organic Pastures raw cow milk

12:00pm               Lunch

Meal                     Salad of seasonal greens, garden arugula and feta cheese

                             Roasted red pepper soup with crème fraiche from The Press

                             Vegetable dish TBD based on locally available ingredients

                             Pizza with class-made mozzarella, basil from our herb garden

                             Famous Press Restaurant chocolate chip cookie, served warm                

1:00pm             Demonstration of making Mariposa Creamery’s award winning                                              Mariposa Bijou, a mold-riped goat cheese in the spirit of the typical                                        cheese of  Provence

Taste               A selection of mold-ripened goats and camembert-style cheeses                                 with both classic and unexpected wine pairings; discussion of                                     basic pairing and tasting methodologies

2:00pm                 Graduation

We will provide a tour of the goat farm and answer questions about goats and urban dairying immediately after class for any interested students.