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Travel All Over the World for Free Thanks to Farms

Everyone loves travelling, even the eco-friendliest people out there who worry endlessly about increasing their carbon footprint by taking a long vacation around the world. Luckily for them, an eco-friendly vacation style has been popping up all over the world thanks to farms, and the rural lifestyle. The gist of it is that travelers get […]


What to Expect During a Farm Stay

When planning a rural, farm-oriented vacation, one of the first decisions to make will be regarding shelter. There are usually two ways to do an agricultural vacation: by staying at a hotel but attending local farm tours, or by staying in an actual farm, i.e. a farm stay. Ever since tourists started showing interest in […]


Best Agritourism Destinations Around the World

The agritourism industry has been steadily growing for the past decade, so, naturally, there are lots of options for anyone planning a farm-oriented vacation. But for those planning this kind of vacation for the first time, a good rule of thumb is to stick to those places with a long history of agritourism. It’s a […]


Should You Vacation on a Farm?

When deciding where to go on a vacation, the most obvious choices are big cities, idyllic islands, or typical tourist destinations. The idea of going on a vacation is more typically associated with luxury hotels and tropical beaches, than waking up early to milk a cow, and learning how to make your own cheese. However, […]