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Universal Lessons First Time Farmers Need to Learn

More and more people are choosing to go back to basics and come back to a rural lifestyle. Though what’s often a called “the simple life” is actually anything but. Farming is not an easy, low maintenance kind of activity. In fact, as a lifestyle, it requires as much preparation and skill as an office […]


The Perks of Taking Kids to Visit an Animal Farm

When planning an outing with little kids, the obvious alternatives are always movies, theatres and parks. Though a more enriching experience would be a real-life animal farm. Most farms, especially now that many of them are catering to tourists, have great offerings for a fun and fulfilling family day. Even better, it’s more than likely […]


How to Start a Home Orchard

Sometimes you don’t have to go to a farm to go to a farm. Is that even possible? Well, for those who design a home orchard it is. Yes, farms take really hard work, lots of working hands, and big lands, and orchards are gardens in a backyard, but they can feel like having a […]


Why You Should Care About Farm-To-Table

The trend to find the freshest healthiest products has been reaching a fever pitch for the last few years. Everyone wants to find the healthiest alternative at fair prices. Doing grocery shopping is now a synonym for going to farmer markets and looking for those advertising cruelty-free products, as well as locally supported farms. So, […]


Why Parents Should Take Their Kids on Farm Visits

Most kids today grow up in decidedly suburban households. While that, thankfully, means they’ll have all the amenities they’ll ever need while growing up without having to sweat for it, it also means they are missing out on understanding all the effort that goes into making most of the food they eat, playing with animals, […]


Why Backyard Chickens Are a Great Idea

As people get more and more interested in going back to a more rural lifestyle, we’ve seen a rise in backyard chickens. The idea of raising chickens in a backyard in the suburbs might sound crazy at first, but it actually is a great way to become more eco-friendly and sustainable. Besides, chickens have a […]


Travel All Over the World for Free Thanks to Farms

Everyone loves travelling, even the eco-friendliest people out there who worry endlessly about increasing their carbon footprint by taking a long vacation around the world. Luckily for them, an eco-friendly vacation style has been popping up all over the world thanks to farms, and the rural lifestyle. The gist of it is that travelers get […]


What to Expect During a Farm Stay

When planning a rural, farm-oriented vacation, one of the first decisions to make will be regarding shelter. There are usually two ways to do an agricultural vacation: by staying at a hotel but attending local farm tours, or by staying in an actual farm, i.e. a farm stay. Ever since tourists started showing interest in […]


Best Agritourism Destinations Around the World

The agritourism industry has been steadily growing for the past decade, so, naturally, there are lots of options for anyone planning a farm-oriented vacation. But for those planning this kind of vacation for the first time, a good rule of thumb is to stick to those places with a long history of agritourism. It’s a […]

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