Best Agritourism Destinations Around the World

The agritourism industry has been steadily growing for the past decade, so, naturally, there are lots of options for anyone planning a farm-oriented vacation. But for those planning this kind of vacation for the first time, a good rule of thumb is to stick to those places with a long history of agritourism. It’s a relatively easy way to ensure a nice vacation in an authentic agricultural destination, rather than a hyped-up rip-off. After all, agritourism has been around for ages even if it wasn’t exactly known by that name, so there are actually lots of destinations around the world that specialize in it.


Any traveler looking for an authentically rustic experience should be planning their visit to Taiwan as soon as possible. Especially because it’s become such a popular destination among eco-travelers that reservations might need to be made at least 3 months in advance.

Taiwan has worked hard to build its agritourism industry during the last decade, so they have a myriad of leisure farms and farms with home-stay. They have really focused on offering an in-depth experience of what life is like in a Taiwanese farm, so be prepared to wake up early and get to work while there. What’s more, almost every farm with home-stay will offer locally grown food, so visitors will get to taste the authentically Taiwanese food.

Since Taiwan is famous for its teas, one of the most sought-out activities are the tea plantation tours. For decades the Taiwanese government has encouraged tea farms, and they have flourished into a world-famous industry thanks to the island’s perfect climate for cultivating tea leaves.


While the United States doesn’t really come to most people’s mind when thinking about agricultural destinations, Hawaii should definitely be the exception. As Taiwan, Hawaii has been developing their agritourism game for years now. They’re so serious about becoming a sought out destination, agricultural courses are now being offered at the University of Hawaii. Eco-travelers should keep an eye out for what this island will become in the following years, as it will certainly be one of the best destinations for farming vacations.

Hawaii offers lots of options for those seeking out different farm experiences. Coffee lovers must visit the coffee plantations, where the exclusive Kona coffee is made; most of these farms will allow tourist to get a glimpse of the meticulous and complicated process that goes into making Kona coffee, talk about the history of the industry, and offer tastings. Those looking for a more tropical farm experience should head to Maui where they can get to see beautiful exotic gardens and taste their farm-to-table cuisine.


Out of the places that we’ve mentioned, Tuscany is the one with the most history when it comes to agritourism. It was one of the first destinations in the entire world to develop an agricultural approach to tourism. In fact, it might be harder to find a regular old hotel than it’s to find a farm-hotel in Tuscany. And they’re authentic too, since most of the modern-day inns used to be actual farms back in the day.

Tuscany is really big on farm-to-table cuisine – the fresher, the better – and there’s also pride in cooking with locally found ingredients, expect to have your mind blown. Most of the farm-hotels in the region tend to design the experience around teaching tourist how their most famous product is done, so travelers will get to actually experience the authentic Italian country lifestyle.