Should You Buy from Farmer’s Markets? – Part 1

Local farmer’s markets are seemingly everywhere of late, with many people taking advantage of the benefits from being able to buy fresh produce locally. With a more diverse media educating us on the wonders of health foods and alternative dietary lifestyles, it’s of little wonder that organic foods and farmer’s markets have become a talking point. If you have yet to discover these benefits, here are some of the best reasons why buying your weekly food supplies from a farmer’s market just might be a good idea.

Fresh from the farm

When you buy fruits and vegetables from your local supermarket, there’s a good chance that you’re buying food that was days old before it was even on sale. Before produce reaches supermarkets, it’s shipped via refrigerated trucks, sometimes from great distances. Produce from a farmer’s market, however, is almost the exact opposite. More often than not, the owner of the produce sourced it that very morning, so it’s clear that the food is every bit as fresh as it could be, almost as fresh as if you grew it yourself.

Organic and non-GMO

Many of the farmers who sell produce at farmer’s markets grow that produce using organic means. The majority of them make it clear on the labelling so you know you’re buying products free of chemicals. There’s also an increased likelihood that they use GMO-free seeds. Organic produce is better for your health, the environment, and the soil.


There’s a trend in the U.S. towards eating food that’s in season. Some scientists and nutritionists have indicated that eating what’s available in season is better for your health, due to the fact that humans ate what was in season for centuries before food was shipped in refrigerators. Eating in-season produce just makes sense. Lighter fruits and vegetables are available in the spring and summer months, with vegetables such as parsnips and squash providing more substance in the autumn and winter seasons.


Produce available at the local farmer’s market is typically picked when its ripeness is at its peak, with the natural sugars peaking. Eating ripe food provides a nicer taste, as well as the very best nutrition.

Added nutrition

When you feast your eyes on the bright colours of produce at the farmer’s market, it will become obvious just how nutritious it is. By comparison, you’ll see the fruits and vegetables at your local supermarket to appear, at the most, somewhat edible. The vivid colours on food from a farmer’s market are an indicator of nutritious food. Many farmers use farming methods that cultivate a great degree of nutrition in their produce.


When you compare the amount of nutrition you get from the produce at a farmer’s market compared to the produce found at a supermarket, you’re getting really good value. Supermarkets charge a great deal for organic fruits and vegetables. However, they’re only slightly more expensive than conventionally grown produce when bought from a farmer’s market. You’re also providing your body with greater health benefits, which will likely save you money on health costs over the years.