Should You Vacation on a Farm?

When deciding where to go on a vacation, the most obvious choices are big cities, idyllic islands, or typical tourist destinations. The idea of going on a vacation is more typically associated with luxury hotels and tropical beaches, than waking up early to milk a cow, and learning how to make your own cheese. However, agritourism (or vacationing on a farm) has been steadily gaining traction as one of the most appealing options when choosing a new and exciting destination for your next break.

Agritourism is all about spending time on an actual rural farm. Some farms offer just the bare minimum, as in a place to stay and fresh produce, while others are more elaborate and offer cheese making classes. Either way, you’d be spending time in a real-life farm and helping out actual farmers.

As cities become more connected and society grows to be even more reliant on technology, some just start to feel a pull towards more rural lifestyle, though it’s definitely not something that everyone will enjoy. Being able to spend some time without internet access while working with your hands might sound like a nightmare to some. But if going back to basics sounds like exactly the kind of thing you need, keep on reading to find out if it would be a good fit for you.

You Want to Experience a Different Lifestyle

If you’re stuck in a rut, just following your everyday routine of waking up, hitting the gym, going to work, getting back home to cook dinner, watching some TV and going to bed, this might be exactly what you need. See, life on a farm is completely different from life in a city, the schedules are different because the priorities are different. You’re not just getting up in the morning to get to the office in time, but because you’ve to tend to the crops and the cattle.

It’s not easy and it does mean work, but it’s a different kind of work than the kind you do in the city. It allows you to rest your mind, connect with your body and get in touch with your more primal self. Besides you get to spend your free time contributing to a real farm, helping grow produce that will feed others, or tend to animals.

You Need to Disconnect from the World

While vacationing in a big city or a tropical island, you will, more than likely, be uploading pictures of everything that you encounter. Even if you resist the urge to showcase your vacation, chances are you will still be glued to your phone looking for directions or the best-rated attractions. On a farm, that’s unlikely to happen. If you’re lucky enough to get a signal, a cow is not going to wait and pose for a selfie while you’re supposed to be milking it. And there will be no need to look for reviews of the dishes you’ll enjoy because chances are they were made with fresh produce. Vacationing on a farm is the perfect excuse for disappearing from social media for a while.