Wild Food Dinner at Mariposa Creamery June 7


We are so excited about our latest collaboration with our friends at the Wild Food Lab, we can hardly stand it. We think this is the most exciting food-related work happening in Los Angeles, so we are thrilled to be able to support it by offering our farm as a venue. 
Come celebrate spring’s bounty in our beautiful local mountains, canyons and deserts at this uniquely Californian dining experience created by local wild food expert Pascal Baudar and chef Mia Masilevich. From pickled yucca ribbons to elderflower beurre blanc, their multi-course wild food menu will inspire you to venture beyond the farmer’s market into the great outdoors. Each course will be paired with a wine specifically selected to celebrate the true flavors of Southern California.


The Wild Food Dinner Series is part of the development of a completely new cuisine combining wild food, traditional preservation techniques and gourmet preparations created by Pascal & Mia over years of dedicated study and experimentation. Their work encourages us to rediscover our relationship to our surroundings and what it means to be an Angelino.

We have been recipe testing and wine pairing for weeks. Now every time we walk in the forest, we see food where were didn’t before. Only 30 seats are available for this season’s dinner, and they are filling up fast. You can reserve your seat here

pascal et mia

June’s multi-course gourmet dinner is the most labor-intensive expression of the work Pascal & Mia are doing. Preparation for the meal includes days of foraging, months of fermentations, hours and hours of separating tiny lambs quarters seeds from foraged plants, the dehydration of cactus parts, frying up of hundreds of little buckwheat flowers. The suggested donation for the dinner reflects our belief that this work is valuable and that the people who are doing this work should be paid reasonably for their time. But there are also much less expensive ways to learn from Pascal & Mia and experience the wild food of Los Angeles. Check out Pascal’s page Urban Outdoor Skills for his very reasonably priced forage walks which include plant identification lessons and often basic preparation techniques. After all, there are no more accessible foods than those we can all harvest for free from the wild!

Have a question about the dinner? Send us a note at mariposacreamery@yahoo.com. We hope to see you on June 7, or on a hike with Pascal and Mia in the near future!

Gloria & Steve

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Last week while I was in Rochester, Steve and Kazi made sausages. This is our second sausage make here this fall. We have started to enjoy the chorizo from the last make. The sopressata looked great fermenting in the pantry. Last night they moved it into the basement to dry.DSC_0316