Why Backyard Chickens Are a Great Idea

As people get more and more interested in going back to a more rural lifestyle, we’ve seen a rise in backyard chickens. The idea of raising chickens in a backyard in the suburbs might sound crazy at first, but it actually is a great way to become more eco-friendly and sustainable. Besides, chickens have a lot of benefits that one might not think of when first entertaining the idea of owning some.

At a relatively low cost, chickens are a great investment. Contrary to popular belief, small flocks of chicken (think 2-4) can live comfortably in a backyard, they are not the kind of animal that only thrives in huge open spaces. They are relatively easy to keep in the backyard for a small amount of time, and money. Though, your neighbours might not be happy with the idea of living next door to what is traditionally thought of as farm animals.

The Delicious Fresh Eggs

So obviously, the perk most people think of is the eggs. And for good reason, since they’ll be fresh, organic and untouched (or genetically unmodified). If you want the most organic eggs possible, you’ll make sure to feed the chickens with GMO-free seeds or allow them to free range, and in turn, they’ll gift you the best eggs you’ll ever taste. Besides, you get to eat a truly cruelty-free product.

The Compost (Aka. Free Fertilizer)

Chicken poop is not something most people look forward too, but it should be something to get excited about when owning a flock of chicken. They produce one of the best fertilizers out there. Their manure has lots of nutrients, so much that a small flock can produce just enough to fertilize a small garden throughout an entire year. As a side note, keep in mind that chickens eat almost anything. So, you can reduce your waste by a lot if you let the chickens help. They’ll eat practically any organic scrap you can think of. Just make sure not to feed them animal meat as they can’t handle it that well.

The Free Pest and Weed Control

For those battling bugs in their backyards, chickens are a better solution than chemical pesticides. They eat every insect they see, and they also peck at grass, so they fertilize your garden while working like pest control agents and weeding out your plants. Basically, they can do all the landscaping you need for free.

An Unlikely Companion

They might not be your typical pets, but they certainly are great (exceptionally low maintenance) pets. Chickens have individual personalities with quirks, likes and dislikes, and watching them grow into who they are is greatly entertaining. Besides, with time, they get used to humans and can even understand when they are being called. They can definitely become one more member of the family.

They Are Really Low Cost

Of course, at the beginning, you’ll need to pay to acquire them and to build a suitable environment but after that, you’re pretty much done. They are one of the most inexpensive pets you could own, they’ll make your garden look great, get rid of your scraps, and give you the most important ingredient of a healthy breakfast.