Why Parents Should Take Their Kids on Farm Visits

Most kids today grow up in decidedly suburban households. While that, thankfully, means they’ll have all the amenities they’ll ever need while growing up without having to sweat for it, it also means they are missing out on understanding all the effort that goes into making most of the food they eat, playing with animals, and enjoying a more rustic lifestyle.

Sure, most kids would throw a tantrum at the idea of leaving behind the devices to play with dirt for a while, but this is definitely an experience every parent should let their kid have. Forgetting about their devices for a few days and getting in touch with the real world in the most authentically rustic way is a way to relax while playfully teaching really important life lessons.

They Witness Responsibility in Action

Farm life will show them how their actions can have real-life positive -or negative- consequences. They’ll see how taking up chores and being responsible for feeding animals, or watering crops results in happy animals and plants that can feed many later on. While watching how they can affect the growth of other living things, they can more easily understand how responsibility works which can be extrapolated to other activities they do, like teamwork and assignments.

And Learn Where Their Food Comes From

Parents continuously remind their kids to be grateful for their food, and while the lesson might be understood on an intellectual level, it might not really kick in unless they really see it. Children are really visual and learn through experience, so being able to see where their food comes from and all the hard work that goes into it, can be an eye-opening experience for them.

Besides, it offers a great opportunity to talk about the cycle of life. A farm can be especially helpful in teaching them about the food chain. They’ll be seeing for themselves how cattle are taken care of and fed to be used as food later on. Though parents might want to brace themselves for possible threats of vegetarianism after their kids visit an animal farm for the first time.

They Get to Know Different Lifestyles

Farmers need to be aware of the weather and get in touch with their environment in a more meaningful way than people from the city. As in, they have to be ready for every season if they don’t want all their hard work to go to waste, and they also need to be prepared to adjust to any sudden changes in the environment. This shows kids the different ways humans can relate to their surroundings depending on their specific lifestyles.

Besides, taking care of farm involves constantly making sure all its many parts are working properly, such as immediately taking care of any sick animals, fixing fences, pulling weeds, making sure all the irrigation systems work the way they’re supposed to, and overall, spending entire days just going from one task to another. Children exposed to this get to see how different problem-solving skills work for different activities. They witness different ways of going about a problem that they might never get to see in the suburbs.